Imbita Swaziland Women’s Finance Trust

Sisu sibekelwa ngephandle



Imbita Swaziland Women’s Finance Trust is a non profit making organization registered under Section 21 in 1991. It was founded by a group of Swazi women to ameliorate constraints that were perceived to be responsible for trapping Swazi’s, particularly women in the poverty cycle, thus resulting to slow economic advancement or no advancement at all. The major constraint addressed included the majority of entrepreneurs who start-up income generating activities, but lack technical and financial support to ensure availability of resources for business growth and proper training to ensure forward planning. 


Vision -  “Accessible credit and technical Services for the poor”.

Mission statement - “To uplift the economic status of the poor”. 

The objectives of Imbita SWFT are as follows:

• To enhance the economic self-sufficiency of low-income, particularly women and youth by supporting micro enterprise development through the provision of practical financial services and appropriate business training and support
• To create opportunities for self employment from the untapped manpower resources
• To increase the low-income’ income generating capacity and ability to enter the economic mainstream
• To strengthen the low income’ ability to participate in financial decision making in their homesteads and communities.
• To mentor and support the low-income and micro entrepreneurs in order to ensure that they are banked. 

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