Donors and Funders

Kindernothife (KNH)

In Swaziland, the The Self Help Group Approach (SHGA) was introduced in 2003, through funding from Kindernothife (KNH), Germany. This was followed by organizations that championed the concept in 2008: others followed in 2011 with the aim of identifying and addressing underlying causes of poverty in the coutry, especially in the rural areas where poverty is widespread.
The SHGA has shown evidence of remarkable change in womens and childrens lives who have received vocational training through the community-based training (CBT) which has enabled the youth to be self-sustaining; to become independent benefitted their families and communities.  

Youth Enterprise Fund (YEF) 

Imbita was contracted by the Youth Enterprise Fund (YEF) which provides loans to the youth. The project ran from 2009-2012 where a total of E7 734 647.00 was distributed amongst 688 youth members throughout the country within the following sectors 1. Agriculture
2. Manufacturing
3. Retailing
4. Services

The project included training beneficiaries in business management skills.  

Other International Partnerships – Previous and Current

-W. K. Kellogg Foundation
-Geneva Global International.

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