The Self Help Group approach (SHG) is an informal association of low income earners in a community with a common objective of working together for their economic, social, and political development and empowering them to live of dignity in the community in the community. It is made up of women who come from the same community with a similar socio-economic back ground. These groups focus on strengthening the position of women in society in order to improve their quality of life.

The Self Help Group consists of 9 community facilitators

28 members in the childrens group

16 members in the cluster level

& 271  SHG members in total 

The approach was initiated in response to the harm done by poverty to people's minds and spirits. Poverty robs people of their human dignity. Thus, the basic self help group is based on two (2) basic principles.

  1. Every human has tremendous, God given potential. This hidden potential in the poor can be unleashed if conducive environment is provided.
  2. As an individual the poor are voiceless, powerless and vulnerable. By bringing them together as a homogenous collective aware of their rights, they have tremendous strength.

Formation of self help groups

Self help groups are made up of women in the same socio economic background who live in close proximity from each other. Each SHG consists of 10-15 members who meet weekly to save up any amount they can afford. From the total accumulated savings of the group, members apply for loans which only receive an interest agreed upon by the group. Each SHG operates as an independent entity with its own rules and regulations set by its members.

Partnering Organizations

  1. Swaziland Conference of Churches
  2. Imbita Swaziland Women’s Finance Trust                       
  4. ADRA 
  5. ACAT 


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